Sibton Park School Picture


This is the school picture, cut into two pieces.  You may need to scroll right to see all of the top one.

Can you guess who's who? (Scroll down to see who's who.)



Marza is sitting between the two men. Matron is sitting between a teacher and a girl -- Alice, the Head Girl, is the girl sitting next to her. I don't think I said in the book that Alice was from Thailand, which was called Siam in those days. Mo, of course, is the boy in the middle -- he was from Iran, which was then called Persia.

Left and right are confusing in pictures: the first time I posted this I kept getting them mixed up!

Clare is on Mo's right as you're looking at the picture.  Brioney is on the left in the bottom row of the bottom picture; I'm sitting next to her (third from the right in the bottom row of the bottom picture).

Thanks to Mo for copying this picture for me! We saw each other after the book was published; he told me lots of things about the school I didn't know -- HIS story could be its own book.


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