Chapter 7. In London


When I woke up I didn't know where I was at first. Then, I remembered: I was in London.

I looked around. My bed was in the corner, under the window. Emmy's, Bubby's, and Willy's were in a row on the opposite wall. The window was high on the wall, with black iron bars on it and behind them, a black iron fence with spaces between each pointed rod. There were no splotches of sun on the wall or the floor, just steady grey light and what little I could see of the sky (the room was in a basement) was grey, too.

“Emmy? Willy? Bubby?” I whispered.

They didn't answer: still asleep, probably. They had all been asleep when we'd arrived, too: a grown-up named Jill who was going to be living with us had opened the door - and helped carry Emmy, Willy, Bubby, and our suitcases down to this room.

The window and its view, as they looked from my bed.


The suitcases were still on the floor, with their baggage tags on.

We'd carried them down the gangplank - even Willy carried one in the hand that wasn't holding mine. The gang plank was exactly the same as the New York gangplank: just a short metal bridge with solid metal walls, painted the same creamy color as the deck walls.

But I could see right away that we were in a foreign country. The light was different - darker. It wasn't just that it was a cloudy afternoon: the sky seemed heavier and closer to the ground than it did in America. I wasn't sure I liked it. It was exciting, though, and it made me curious. As I said:

“If even the SKY is different, just think what London will be like!”

I looked up again at the window in our bedroom: outside, it looked like the day hadn't even really started yet, it was so dark. The air felt damp, too, the way it does very early in the morning, before the sun comes up.

I got up and opened my suitcase, and then I decided to wake Emmy up. After all, it was our first day! She'd want to get ready for school early, too.

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