Flying Saucers

(Here Libby tells how to make hovercraft like the ones she and Henry made) Just go back to the story (Libby at school).

To make flying saucers

You will need:

a  round plastic button with at least two holes in it

a spool of thread

Krazy Glue (no substitues)

a balloon

a CD you won’t ever want to play again

1.  Glue a button to a spool -- just an ordinary thread spool-- so that  the holes of the button are exactly over the hole in the spool. Use Krazy Glue --  other kinds of glue aren't strong enough to hold everything together --  and follow the Krazy Glue directions exactly, including pressing things together. 


2.  Once the button and spool are firmly attached, carefully slip a balloon over the button and the top of the spool.


3.  Glue the bottom of the spool to an old CD – use Krazy Glue for this, too.  Keep all the holes in a straight line. 


4. When these two things are attached, hold the CD carefully with one hand and keep the lip of the balloon over the spool with your other hand and blow up the balloon.


5. As soon as the balloon is big enough, pinch it closed with your fingers and put the CD down on a slippery surface: a linoleum floor is perfect. Let go – the CD will zip along the floor!


Actually, it's just above the floor (like a hovercraft) but it looks as though it's on the floor.

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