Blow Out the Moon is a novel about an American girl (me, Libby!) who goes to an English boarding school. It's won two awards and the authors gets emails like this::
"I have read your book, Blow Out the Moon so many times, and loved it every single time! You once came to my school, Bancroft Elementary School, and you taught us "Going Home Tomorrow" [a song in the book]. I was in 4th grade at the time and now I'm going into 7th grade and still reading over and over your book!"


To me that's the true test of a good book.This is what an eighth-grader wrote about Blow Out the Moon in a kids-only paper called Just Books:

"This tale of a young girl's voyage to England and the total difference in life styles is fascinating. Libby doesn't want to move to England, she wants to stay with her friends, especially with Henry. Libby is fascinated by the long boat ride, but when she reaches England Libby isn't happy. She longs for the sunshine and her American life. The people at school aren't nice and Libby wants to leave, until she finds Sibton Park, an English boarding school for girls, and one boy. It offers horseback riding lessons, and to Libby's horror, table manners. Libby's joyous times at Sibton Park make you laugh out loud and her funny point of view is great. Sibton Park comes alive as you read this interesting, funny story of Libby Koponen's childhood." -- eighth grader writing in Just Books

Lots of libraries have Blow Out the Moon. If your library doesn't, they can probably order it for you.

Or you can get in a bookstore. You can also get it online from amazon, barnesandnoble, etc. If you read it, please write and tell me what you think!

The paperback is online and in some bookstores -- if you don't see it, please ask for it!




Libby loves to visit schools.


For online chapters, the rules for cat's cradle, fairy tales, stories by young readers, emails from them, and photographs of the real boarding school.

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